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Ministry Overview
Film the Bible is a non-profit ministry founded by Mr. Tim Donoho in response to God's call to him. The mission of the Film the Bible project is to convert the Bible from the written word to film and disseminate it globally. We are committed to creating the highest quality product possible given the technology that exists at the point in time we begin to film. 

The Film the Bible project is broken down into three specific phases, The first phase involves fundraising. Consultations with knowledgeable professionals in the production industry have resulted in a total projected cost of $660 million to produce a filmed Bible. While the individual per book costs will vary greatly, the total production cost represents an average of $10 million for each of the 66 books to be produced. We estimate that it will take five years to raise the total amount of $660 million and we are committed to raising the entire amount of money needed for the complete project based on Luke 14:28. Here, our Lord emphasizes the need to count the cost of any project and assemble all the necessary resources before the actual work begins. 

The second phase of the Film the Bible project is to produce the actual filmed Bible. We expect to complete filming the Bible in three years using the best professionals and the most advanced technology available. 

The third phase of the project is to distribute the filmed Bible worldwide for this generation and generations to come. This phase will also include the creation of multiple language translations and the creation of a variety of presentation formats to make the filmed Bible accessible to the entire world. 

Film the Bible has assembled a highly qualified and successful management team consisting of a Board of Directors and staff leadership with well over fifty years of combined business and non-profit ministry experience. In addition, we have a group of outside management advisors who provide tremendous support for management decisions and creativity. These advisors include nationally known financial management companies, a certified public accounting firm, a non-profit management consultant and technology specialist and film industry production professionals. 

Film the Bible has also received significant endorsements from prominent, nationally known leaders, voicing enthusiastic support of our mission. These individuals include Dr. Larry Thompson, Dr. D. James Kennedy, and Congressman J.C. Watts. In addition to the ongoing process of seeking additional endorsements, Film the Bible has had initial contact with The Jesus Film Project and The American Bible Society in an effort to develop mutually beneficial relationships with those organizations. 

Throughout history, God has repeatedly demonstrated His desire for all people to comprehend His word. He has done so by empowering people of faith to translate Holy Scripture into the language of the people. Many have fought and died to preserve the sanctity of the Bible and while we in no way compare ourselves to these historical heroes of faith, we undertake our mission with a profound understanding and appreciation of those who have gone before us. 

It is the intention of this ministry plan to chart the course of Film The Bible and to measure its subsequent progress. Proverbs 15:22 teaches us that, "plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed". We have sought the Lord and counselors, as this plan was prepared. In like manner, we will continue to seek the counsel of godly people and look openly for God to adjust our planned course of action as this momentous task of filming the Bible proceeds.

Film the Bible is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
Film the Bible is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.