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Film the Bible began with the seed that the Lord planted in the mind of Mr. Tim Donoho. Beginning his business career as a teenager in Japan in 1975, Mr. Donoho joined a large insurance company during his last year in college. Starting as a sales representative, he advanced to become the National Director of Marketing in five years. 

A passion for owning his own business prompted Mr. Donoho to redirect his energies, and by 1984, he had successfully launched five companies, from insurance to health care. Mr. Donoho was also founder and publisher of Prime Years magazine, founder of Investors Consortium, owner of Business Healthcare Coalition and owner and chairman of Health First Dental. Express Bakery, founded in 1999, is his most recent enterprise.

The business world was not all consuming, however. Over the years Mr. Donoho has generously given his time, talent and financial support to benefit many charitable organizations. He is the founder of The Pastors Closet, member of the board of trustees of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, immediate past Chairman of The National Association of Dental Plans and former member of the Board of Governors of the Graves Museum of Archeology. 

In 1987, God spoke to Mr. Donoho's heart and inspired the concept of what is now Film The Bible. It For Mr. Donoho, it was an answered prayer to be called to do something of significance for Him - something that could be acknowledged "the single most important event of this century to people of faith." The mission of this non-profit ministry he now chairs is to convert the written Bible, word-for-word, to film and disseminate it globally. 

Like Mr. Donoho, who has actively served his church in many capacities since joining in 1986, God has sought willing servants and stewards of His message throughout history. Guided by God's call, Mr. Donoho sold most of his business interests to devote to his "passion of the heart" - making Film the Bible a reality. 

The dynamic union of His message and the hand of man has world-changing impact! As the Guttenberg press propelled the spread of knowledge, so will a filmed version of the Bible reach - and profoundly touch - multitudes of people who do not or cannot read the Bible. One man alone had the vision. But it will take many others to partner with Mr. Donoho to accomplish this awesome, historic mission. May your heart be touched to join the Film the Bible family of friends and supporters!

Film the Bible is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
Film the Bible is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.