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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean when you say a filmed version of the Bible?
A word for word translation acted out on film, giving the Bible a greater meaning by giving context to the words, by showing the enviroment, the surroundings, the dress and the presence of others at an event.


Which version of the Bible will you use?
Because of the technology we intend to use to produce the filmed Bible, we will have the ability to produce filmed Bibles in all of the available widely read translations.


Why wait until after you have raised all the money necessary to film the entire Bible before you begin?
We stand on the proposition of Luke 14:28 that we should collect the money before we build the tower. We also find scriptural precedence in the building of Godís temple in which case he had King David raise the money and called his son to build the temple.


Who will use the filmed Bible other than people at home?
There is a tremendous opportunity for churches, temples, Bible teachers, commentary writers, schools, and universities to take this product and enhance it with commentaries, lessons, teaching, and explanation.


How long will the filmed Bible be?
Between 150 and 200 hours.


How long will it be before you start filming?
Once the majority of the money is raised the filming process will begin.  The necessary funding for this project will be the result of God directing our faithful efforts and inspiring the hearts of our generous benefactors. Since all the necessary resources to film the Bible already exist, it is up to God to assemble those resources according to His timing and plan.


How long will it take to complete the filming once the process begins?
Through the use of computer generated imaging, we anticipate that the filming, would be completed within three years. We feel this estimate is generous and in fact, it could be far less than that estimate. If we are digitally rendering the books of the Bible, we can have more people rendering separate portions of books at very little additional cost as opposed to the logistical impossibility of having fifty filming sets operating simultaneously. On the other hand having fifty people rendering or even 350 people rendering at one time can be done in one room with 350 computers.


Is it a goal to make a profit on the filmed Bible once it is completed?
No, quite the opposite is the case.  We hope to be able to sell the entire Bible at wholesale for no more than $15 and at retail for $25.  We will take the profits from sales and use the money to translate and mass distribute the filmed Bible to the poor around the world for free.


Other than on disc, how else will the filmed Bible be distributed?
We expect to put the Old and New Testaments on a cable channel in every cable market in the United States and around the world.  This gives us the opportunity to passively put the Bible in front of hundreds of millions of people every day as they flip through the channels looking for something to grab their interest.  Since ours will be produced at the highest possible level, its production values will be equal to or greater than that of everything else on TV.  This is possibly our greatest opportunity for people who donít yet know God to come to know Him.  We also intend to put it on the Internet with streaming video available in the next few years through fast connections and compression algorithms. Weíll have an address for each book of the Bible so you can go to whatever book of the Bible you wish to view and you can view it in streaming video.  We also plan to use satellite TV in the same manner as cable channels.
Film the Bible is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
Film the Bible is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.